Let Love Come Home

We, the collective Child of God, are the extension and Presence of His Love. Yet because there seems to be so much hatred and fear prevalent in our world today it is a time, for those who can, to step back a moment from that world. Free your mind of all but your intention to simply be what you are. This is enough for His Love is everywhere and waits only on our welcome. Give it now to your God Self and feel it reach out to all of Creation and gather to itself every part of what It Is. Feel the joy that comes with accepting the Love of God. Feel it embrace and connect us all as one. This is the healing of our world. This is our Love come Home.

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Where You Direct Your Love To Be

A Rumi poem comes to my mind: “I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons; knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside.” Yesterday Brother said to me: “Learn to associate ‘where’ you are with where you direct your love to be.” I think of what Rumi has said in that context: I have kept myself from remembering I am whole, that I am the truth by seeking for the truth. I look for God to remember I am loved, thereby denying that is what God intended my Self / Himself to be. I look for God to deny that is Who I am. I will remember this is true as I discover God in you. The door to truth will open when I accept your sinlessness. I will return Gods Gift to me when I see Him in you. “You are where you direct your love to be.”

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Being Powerless

We experience being powerless, unable to change our mind, because we try to act alone. Acting – thinking – as “individuals” we perpetuate the dream of separation in which we have predetermined we will suffer the rewards of guilt. Only when we have let forgiveness heal our need to be separate and we begin to see everybody’s needs the same as ours will the power, the ability, to change our mind return. Changing the individual dream only keeps the dream in place; nothing really changes. Seeing a brother’s interest exactly the same as ours bridges the dreams divide between us. When you see “him” as part of you and both as part of God, the Truth is restored in Mind. The split is gone and mind can again function as a whole and change its thoughts.

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I Am

In her meditation this morning Linda received a very simple message: “I am therefore I love. I love therefore I am.” Is there a need for more?

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God’s Will

God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. This is the same as saying, God’s Will for us is that we be perfectly loving. Loving and happiness are the same.

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Our Identity With God

When we judge anyone for the senseless story we all tell we deny our identity with God. We then unleash the endless possibilities of why and how his “sin” and ours might be true. It is the experience of these being untrue that becomes our world of fear, of pain and suffering. It is a world ruled by attack and defense. But the world is not a “bad” place. It is merely the story we tell of punishing this “bad” person we have made to take the place of the holy child of God. For just a moment, imagine that everyone in the world, regardless of their behavior, is the perfect Child of God Who has amnesia. How will you treat them now? Would you condemn or try to help them? This is the function of forgiveness; to help us see a call for love and free our Mind to accept His Love for both of us. Are we as He created us, or the character in the story we make up? Our answer is reflected in the amount of peace we have in our world.

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Awakening to the Truth is choosing to listen to the God Self teach you the difference between what is real and what is not; to hear Him say it is God’s Will that you are part of Him. We can gather thoughts about ourselves that seem to make us different and unique, but behind all this is the one desire we all share: To Love all things that live and are a part of Him, and so must be a part of us as well. This one desire to love is our guarantee that Heaven must finally be the outcome of every dream of pain and fear. No one but shares the desire to love and to be loved. But in this world it is too easily hidden by our belief in the thought of sin, the thought that does not exist outside our dream. It is hard to imagine that all that stands between Heaven and hell is a thought that isn’t even true. Forgive yourself for clinging to what does not exist in Truth. Allow the Face of Christ to take the place of every kind of “terrorist” you now see. Hear the Voice For God say that you are part of Love Itself. Be willing to give your brother the thing that you want most and let yourself awaken to the Gift that you have always had.

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Let Love Repossess You

Accept just the possibility that you and your brothers are innocent, that you have never changed what God created perfect as Himself, and Love will rush into your mind. In fact, you actually cannot keep love from your mind for that is what it is made of. You can only ignore that it is there by focusing on an unloving image of yourself being in an unloving story of one who is separated from their loving Source. If you would be free, forgive one brother his story that sin is real and so remove the block in your awareness to recognizing him as Love’s Presence. In this way Love Itself can repossess you and return God’s Will for perfect happiness to His beloved Son.

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Choose Life As Love Defines It

God created us to be the Presence of His perfect Love. To guarantee that Love would eternally be extended as witness to our Oneness, He then made us co-creators of It along with Him. When we condemn even the smallest part of our Self we have blocked our awareness of the flow and embrace of His love and isolated all those whom It has joined. In Truth, nothing has happened. We have not changed God’s Intention to share His Love equally and everywhere. We have merely made an experience, a world, that seems devoid of the Love that He has given us. We have redefined His Love to suit the purposes of sin and guilt which we have made to take It’s place. Do not mistake the power that the choice for sin has made, or the hell that it perpetuates. Nor should we doubt the power forgiveness has to open our mind to Christ’s Vision waiting for us there. Join your intention to the Vision held in trust for us since dreaming first began. Choose life as Love defines it. Open your heart and witness God’s Love embracing everyone you see, beginning with you.

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One Life Force

In truth, there is only one life force. We have made the fishes and the birds, the animals, insects and reptiles, the trees and flowers, to be proof in our world that differences and separateness is true and real. We give each a different purpose and a different form to prove that differences are important. But there is only one life force, one consciousness, all bound together and energized by Love. Every thought that you or I have directs the movement and gives purpose to this consciousness. Thoughts of differences promote the sense of fear, while those of inclusiveness open our awareness to the Love that the truth of our oneness reveals.

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The Distance Between Heaven and Hell

The distance between Heaven and hell, between everlasting life and death, is measured by the strength of our belief that sin is real. Accept this single thought: outside our story of guilt the thought (and experience) of sin does not exist, and Heaven and earth become one. Without a sense of guilt there is no gap between Love and what is loved.

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A Mental Experience

You are not a body. The world is not a physical place. It is a mental experience. We find in it whatever conforms to, and supports the mental image we have of our self. If you think that sin is real, you will find a world that attacks and kills you. If you think there is something wrong with you, you will be sick and have hardships. If you see yourself as a loving person you will find a world that supports and loves you. There is nothing in the world we do not put there. Our will is the same Will from which Creation arises. Whether it extends the truth of our innocent Oneness, or the illusion of sin and separation, it controls our awareness, confining it to that which we have chosen to believe is “true.” Fortunately, choosing to believe in illusions does not change the Truth. A separate will held apart from the Whole Will affects only the experience of the separated self that has appeared.

If we would change the world we see, we must first change the self-image of the one who sees it. If you want to change your experience you must change the cause of it. But first and foremost, we must decide if we deserve and want to be loved and happy. And that is a choice we must make for the whole of our Self. You cannot choose to be loved while others are unlovable. The world is a mirror for how you see yourself. When you have the faith in your brother that you have in God you have allowed trust to take the place of fear in your mind and so your world is now a safer place. Forgive him his beliefs that cannot affect his Truth and you have removed a mental block to Oneness in the Mind that joins us all. Yet, while sin still seems real, forgiveness is our acknowledgement we are willing to love and to be loved. But forgiveness, like the love it seeks, is indivisible. If you would be free it must embrace everyone appearing in your mind.

There already is another world to replace the one that is home to sin. It is a forgiven world that Love has made. It is a state of mind that is free of guilt and all its consequences. But to be “there,” we must share the Vision from which it comes. First, it is required that we want this change, this world of love to replace what we have made in order that we recognize it is our will that shapes this world, as it is our Will, joined with God’s, that makes Love whole, with nothing to oppose It. Now loving is as appealing, as “delicious” as our ego’s desire to judge. Now can the image of our self be changed. From this place of loving we can find a self and see a world whose only purpose is to love.

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God’s Love

Everyone, everywhere is looking for the same thing. The one we call a “terrorist,” the one who seems his victim, and the one our perception tells us has a loving heart, are all our brothers and the Son of God. Each of us, from different perspectives of our common belief that separateness is real, reach out to our own version of Who God Is to be reassured that we are loved. Whether we climb the corporate ladder, pursue a spiritual path or wage war on one another, at our core we are all the same, children of a common Father, desperate to know we can be loved.

We now feel lost, not knowing what we want or how to get it. We have habitually made our brother responsible for what we seem to lack. But our attack on him only drives us further from our goal. We do not see it is only his love for us and our love for him that will satisfy our feeling there is something missing in us. But the Love we seek cannot be found in some of our brothers while it is still denied in others, for this Love, this DNA of our Being, is absolutely indivisible. This Love is what we really want, but while we judge and confuse our brother with his story we will not recognize that the Love we want is what we have withheld from him.

You will not be sure that you are loved while there is someone you cannot love. Your need to love goes unfulfilled if there is somewhere it cannot go. Trust the power of forgiveness to your God Self. Consciously invite all those you have ever feared or judged into your presence. Ask to see the Christ or Buddha where these brothers had seemed to be. Then feel God’s Peace and Joy fulfill you as you feel the Love you share with Him bring everyone together.

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Love Is Indivisible

To actually love anyone, you must love everyone because the nature of Love is indivisible. The ego has many substitutes for love, attempts to compensate for its belief in sin and separation. But none of them will fulfill you for each holds out the possibility your “sin” might be real. It is a principle of Love that where It is there is nothing to oppose It. There is nowhere It begins and nowhere It is not present. It is the feeling that expresses Life and infinitely extends creation, insuring it cannot be changed or lost.

To love is a need we all share for we are born of Love and It defines the nature of our Being. Loving is our function when we are “awake” to what is true. When we have denied our function, we literally have become afraid of Life as God created It and live in dreams, imagining we are separate from our Source of Love. And while Love seems missing, all of Its “alternatives” appear to justify our belief that It is gone. But there is no “place,” no thought anywhere in all of Mind where there is Life that Love is missing. It only goes unrecognized when seeing just Its parts, for Love is whole and undivided.

If you would feel loved, truly loved, you must accept that It is What you are. It must possess you and so embrace all that you see. It is the joy that comes from This that satisfies our need to love and live God’s Life.

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The Name Of God

In reality God’s Name is the Name for everything for He is the Source of everything. It is only our belief that sin is real and the subsequent need for differences and separateness that compel us to reduce what is whole and complete to minute parts and identify them with different names. We think that to have and know our “self,” It must be different from other selves; those we can make more guilty than ourselves. But forgiveness teaches there is no sin because we cannot change what God created from His perfect Love. Why is such good news so hard to accept? Maybe it would help if we began to practice calling everyone by their real name.

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An important thin for us to remember: Heaven is not a location, a destination we someday achieve as a reward. It is the realization of a beautifully peaceful, loving and joined state of mind we have denied – right here, right now.

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A Vision Of Oneness

I ask for a “vision” of oneness that I can verbally conceptualize and share with others. A feeling of the universe comes into my mind. It is infinitely filled with many colored planets and stars whose light beckons lovingly. It is awesomely beautiful, everything seems so different and so the same – each so needed to make the others shine so brightly, be as beautiful as they are. And they seemed to have no other purpose save to shine their light and reflect their beauty. There is a sense of both excitement and contentment at the prospect of what was unfolding there. It feels like a kind of “fearless adventure” in loving, a happy and playful exchange of delights. I look for words to better describe this feeling, but none arrive. It is simply a sense of loving and being loved that is so strong it has become a world, a universe for loving.

I wonder where I am in all this. There seems to be a kind of “explosion” and now I am lost in the midst of a collection of unrelated planets and stars; a jumble unidentifiable to what I had seen before. My sense of peace is gone. The joy of loving everything I see has left me. My focus seems to zoom in to a spot somewhere unknown to me; it is isolated and barren. I feel alone. The thought comes: somehow when I projected the, “Where am I” thought, the “I” lost its identity with the universe and became associated with the individual planets which I do not relate to. It is the feeling of what we have defined as “the Big Bang,” splitting the one, whole universe into different galaxies, planets and stars. I feel lost in the confusion this represents.

I remember what I have asked for and mentally review what has transpired. I realize everything that has happened has been in my mind; my choice of how to see what was there. There was no breaking up, only my change of focus, my choice to find a “me” that wasn’t really there. So I said to myself and to the universe, ”This is not what I want. I don’t want to be alone,” and in a virtual blink, the universe I had seen returned and was as beautiful and as loving as it was before. It felt so “right,” so perfectly natural and satisfying. After a bit, I ask: “Why was I able to do all that when I don’t seem able to change what I now see, here, in this world?” The answer: “In this story you knew you were the author.”

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The Name You Call Your Self

No thought you imagine you think apart from God has any real meaning because you cannot be apart from God. Any experience that arises from those thoughts is equally unreal. That doesn’t mean the experience didn’t happen, but it had no meaning or effect outside the story that supported the untrue, unreal thought. ACIM refers to these stories as “dreams,” because their effects register only while we are “asleep” to the reality of who we are. Yet it is our confusion and insistence that these stories are real that anchors us within them. To break the cause and effect cycle we must change what motivates our thinking. Guilt is the motivator now, pushing our thoughts to judgments that separate us and make us unhappy. If we want a loving experience we must want our thoughts to be loving. Pick someone you love to judge. We all have lots of them. Ask what traits you see in them that you see in yourself. Don’t be satisfied until you see the truth; it has always been yourself you judge. You only know these “others” thru your perception of what you think is wrong with you. Now ask for help on how to forgive and love this one that you don’t really know, this one who answers to the name you call your Self.

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Loving Myself?

I asked Brother how I would know if I was really loving myself. “Would you invite a brother to find the Love of God thru you,” he asked? After briefly thinking about it, I replied, probably not. “When you happily invite everyone to share the Love you know God has for you, you will know you love yourself.”

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The Peace Of God

In Heaven, nothing opposes the Peace of God. There is no conflict to overcome before peace is ours. We also have it in our mind now, here in the world we have made. What is in our mind does not leave its source, even when unremembered. The reason it escapes our awareness now is that we do not acknowledge being the “Self” who has it. We imagine instead we are the guilty character in the story of separation we are telling, ignorant of our truth. We have tried to divide this Self into many different, conflicting parts to avoid the blame our imagined sin imposes. There is no lasting peace for this self that we have judged. To accept the Peace of God we must forgive this self and let our love find the whole and undivided Self that it was given to; the one who ever so slightly remembers he still remains in Heaven, where nothing opposes the Peace of God.

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