Forgive and Love The Self You Now See

Thinking about the need to forgive and love the self we now see that Brother has been very pointedly suggesting and wondering specifically what to do:

“You are feeling confused about “how to” make this transition to accepting the truth that you are a perfectly innocent and loving Being-right now. You are confused about what to “do” because you are unconsciously depending on your ego perception to tell you what to do. It not only does not know, but is actively engaged in preventing this from happening. If there were a productive way to teach your ego to accept your innocence it would not have been necessary for God to have given us the Holy Spirit to hold His Vision of that truth. I have entitled your study material, “A Course In Miracles,” to remind you that Its Source is miraculous, beyond the knowing or explanation, of your perception. When you are again in your “right” or real Mind, “miraculous” thinking will be “normal” for in acceptance of your oneness with your brother, that part of yourself you have denied, your mind will know its wholeness and no longer seem in conflict with itself.

“Within this peace you will find no opposition to your desire to love. Accepting him as part of you your thoughts and the Thoughts of God again are joined and the need to perceive a world opposing you is gone. Now will you understand that your love is the motivation for all miracles; that it is what awakens the memory of a state of Being filled with endless joy and infinite peace that now is lost in a maze of differences woven into a world that has become your “truth.” But if you will pause a moment and simply love the self you have condemned, that spark of love, unleashed from its past judgments, will be the miracle that wipes away every dream you thought was real, but which, in truth, has never been.

“You will have difficulty accepting the existence of miracles while wanting to believe in the reality of your world. The two are diametrically opposed as concerns their purpose and their goals. Miracles, in your perception, call for the surrender of your control and ask for trust in what you now most fear. As I have previously said, you are at the crossroads of deciding what you will accept as real. Clearly seeing that it is the evidence of miracles you want more than the effects of your fearful perception will be a major influence in making this choice. Forgive me now as I have forgiven you. Join me in the place of innocence our Father’s Love holds for us. We were “born” to love all that He Loves and this begins with loving whatever Self we now see, wherever we perceive it to be. Together we will make certain the reality of our Oneness by accepting His Love on behalf of each other and for every brother who cannot yet see himself as part of Him.”

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Love Is Certain

No matter how discouraging at times it may seem, finding God’s Love is as certain as watching each wave as it reaches to the shore.

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You Are God

I awoke one morning with a feeling of doubt, wondering if I had misunderstood what I had been studying for the past 35 years. I felt confused and uncertain. Could I really trust what I had no way of “proving?” I asked Brother. “You are at a cross-roads, trying to decide if it is “safe” to wholly abandon your perception of separateness. Your confusion seems to center around whether or not you can trust God, that He has never judged you. But in truth you struggle with the recognition that you are God. You must decide if sin is real, if you have separated from your Source or remain a part of What created you. You will know when you decide. Fear will have disappeared from your mind and your heart will sing in constant joy.”

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Sharing Ideas

Sharing an idea is what gives it strength. Until a thought is shared it has no power, in fact is devoid of any meaning at all. When you feel moved to share an idea it is likely because the consciousness is feeling a need for it. Ask the God Self if it will serve truth or illusion and act accordingly. If it express your desire to join or reassure someone in their hour of doubt, ask for the words and the means to share it. Intentionally sharing your thoughts is not an easy thing to do.
It is our belief that we have sinned, become separated from God and each other and lost our ability to be loved. Of ourselves, we do not know how to find It again. But God’s Love is like creation’s “magnet,” drawing everything to itself. If we but open our willingness to have it, Love will find us. Being part of God we are Loves’ Home.

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Heed This Well

Still chewing on March 30 guidance, (4/23 post) trying to get full impact of what Brother meant, he said today:

“Heed this well and do not underestimate the power of its simplicity. When I ask you to “forgive and love the self you now see,” it is not for you to worry that this may be a flawed or worldly ego self. I am asking you to forgive the only one you have ever condemned and commit to loving the only one you imagine that you hate. You cannot now see the strength or value of this commitment as it relates to the ease with which the God Self can then share His Vision with you.

When you forgive and love whatever self you see, your love will show you only what is real about that self. You are now as God created you in perfect Love. And being What It Is, Love recognizes Itself and sees only what is part of It – with nothing asked or needed from your perception.

Forgive and love the self you now see and trust your God Self to do the rest. You cannot fail now to find your Self, for here, in this field of loving, is the world reconciled with Heaven and you recognize you are already Home.”

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Healing is not about trying to heal the character in our dream-story. Healing is about remembering the holy child of God who knows he cannot be sick. Healing is recognizing the difference between what is real and what is only a dream. Healing is forgiveness that accepts the God Self Vision that the child of God cannot hate or feel a loss of Love; cannot be separate from his brother or the Love that created him like Itself. Forgive and love the self you now see. It is only denying that love that gives rise to dreams of sickness and hate. Forgive and love the self you now see because you are perfect as you are right now; only unloving dreams can hide it. Forgive and love the self you now see and there will be no future stories of sickness and hate. Don’t wait to love a “perfect” ego image that never will come. Forgive and love the self you now see so God can show you what is now, and has always been true.

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When you have the desire to help, first ask the God Self to sit with you in an awareness of loving. As you do this be reminded that the God Self is your real Self, fulfilling your desire, but on the level of knowing our oneness. There is much to be learned from knowing that giving and receiving are indeed the same.

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Something Missing?

Tom to Brother: After all these years of study it feels as though there is still a piece missing from my awareness.

B: “It is not so much a piece is missing, but your acceptance of the significance of a piece you have, but have not yet recognized its importance or full impact on the other pieces. You haven’t yet grasped the significance of my teaching that you are whole and perfect just the way you are, right now. You have been intent on needing to change the image you have made of yourself, the character in your story of the world, but this is not you. This “person” does not exist outside the boundaries of your world. And your attempts to change him while he seems to play your role only strengthen your belief there is something wrong with you; that you have changed your God created Self and become what you now imagine your body’s eyes can see. You have never changed God’s Creation. Forgive this character for he is only made from strands of fear and guilt, thoughts you cannot justify in Truth. Let the love that is hidden by your self-rejection be allowed to emerge and express Itself.
Forgive and accept the only one you have ever really condemned and you will discover no one is unlovable. You will see it is you who is the presence and expression of God’s Love. So however you identify yourself, find no reason not to accept and love that self.
You have agonized over identifying yourself as a body. I encourage you to let this go. In this moment it does not matter whether you imagine you have a body or not. But it does matter that you love and accept whatever self you see. To know yourself, the one thing that you cannot be without is the feeling of Loving. It is what expresses the essential nature of Who and What you Are. It is what restores the memory of our Oneness, for Love embraces All that it sees and erases any symbol of separateness that may remain. Finding yourself is accepting the Love within you that yearns for the experience of connecting to All that was created with you. You ARE Love. You have bottled up within you this Love that wants to extend and embrace everyone it sees. Free it now to express itself without any of the restrictions your perception would impose. Nothing will then seem missing.

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Perfect Trust

A perfect trust in the love of God would free us from all our thoughts of fear. But in this “world,” perception, of duality we seem to live alternately in both; a kind of peninsula between trust and despair. We fear that totally trusting in God’s Will and His Plan for our awakening, we would have to sacrifice what we have come to believe will make us happy and keep our bodies safe. We fail to see that this “person” we would keep safe and make happy is only a character in a story we are telling about “sin and separation;” a tale of being guilty and unworthy. It is not hard to see why we would not trust this unlovable character to God’s Plan for our awakening. It is only too plain why we would expect sacrifice and pain to be asked of us. Yet if it is peace and joy we want, we must find the Child of God that feels deserving and is available to accept them. This deserving Child will not be found in a world made to deny his existence. Our choice is clear, yet so very difficult to accept. We must decide, is the world a physical place? Does our belief give rise to this world we see, or does our belief come from our experience of it? Will it be the character or the dreamer who awakens from the dream? There will be no perfect trust in God or in His Plan while thinking this world expresses His Will and must be fixed to keep us safe. Death of the body will remain a symbol of the loss of life and our trust in God will still be frail. Love the self you see. Love your brother as if he was the most holy Child of God. Make room in your mind for a loving world to appear and try not to be surprised at its coming.

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A miracle is a loving thought which connects us to the truth of our reality. They are given us to correct the fearful thoughts in our perception. For every fearful, untrue thought there is always a loving thought to correct it to insure the truth is always present in our mind. In any moment we are only a loving thought away from Home. That is why we call them “miracles.”

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Awakening is recognizing every thought as an adventure of loving. I cannot be a slave to fear if I am the adventure of loving. I am not the character in a story of sin if I am having an adventure of loving. The reality of life, the Real World, is being conscious that we were created to be the experience of Loving.

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The Power Of Forgiveness

When we recognize we can only be hurt by our thoughts, the power of forgiveness is more clearly seen.

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Freedom is being able to choose fear while love waits undisturbed everywhere. We can make a world of dreams while Heaven stands joyfully waiting only a loving choice away.

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Choosing To Be Healed

Choosing to be healed is not about choosing to heal the body. It is the choice to forgive yourself and heal the mind of its belief that sin is real. All of Heaven but awaits this choice.

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Changing The World’s Purpose

We can change the purpose of our world. No longer need it be a place where egos come to suffer sin’s repast. Forgive that thought and see the Face of Christ emerge where only bodies were before. It is our thoughts that make the world and it will serve the purpose that we have given them. Have faith now that we are not surrendering into some new unchartered place, letting go of the only identity that we know. “Where” we go has been our home for all eternity. “Who” we will remember that we are when the need to separate from God is gone, is Who we have always been. The only surprise will be how real the dream seemed to be and why we struggled so to let it go.

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Claiming The Adventure Of Loving

The ego knows of only two choices, right or wrong. It doesn’t know of the choice for peace or joy or love. Understanding is the egos substitute for claiming and owning the truth. There always seems to be something standing in the way of simply making the choice to be innocent. There seems to be the possibility I could be wrong about being innocent and so condemned for choosing innocence and love. Choosing to be loving despite this fear is what we call “faith.” It is a knowing that love supersedes all concepts of fear without the need for justification. The “miracle” is what shows up to change the ego’s “normal” manifestations of events in its physical world when loving experiences arise to replace those of fear. When I have opened my heart, forgiven the world and accepted the reality of my innocence, the real adventure of loving will begin.

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How Can I Heal My World?

- How can I heal my world?
- Forgive the one who made it.
- How do I do that?
- Stop denying that you are the holy Son of God Who has never sinned. Forgive your brother for what your perception accuses you both of. You cannot see the Kingdom of God while you deny It is within you and insist on looking for it elsewhere. Your perception now sees nothing that is real because it fears it is cut off from its Source and is nothing. Allow the Light of Who you are to illuminate your Truth by giving up the one thought of darkness that hides it: You are not sinful. You have never sinned. You have only lived in a dream of fearful thinking. In your belief that you are “nothing,” you cannot comprehend the power of your mind / belief to make a world then dissociate yourself as it maker. You cannot accept that “all the others” you think you see are part of you and so must be joined in your story.
- How do I accept the power of my mind?
- Be willing to see your brother as I see him, without his story of hell. The power of your mind to make you believe the world you see is real rests on the fear that you are separate from the Source of all power – God. Loving your brother, that part of yourself you have condemned, will open your heart-mind to the reality of what Love is and you will know the impossibility of your dream of sin.
- How do you know I / we can do this?
- Because I have seen your sinlessness and you are part of What I Am. It is finished. Only your acceptance of the out come remains.

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Take The Trip

Extending our Self as God’s Expression of Creation is our natural function. But when we come to think that sin is real, we use this sense of purpose to extend our misperception that there is something wrong with us. We call this “projection.” The major difference, however, is that when it is love we extend, joining and unity is the effect but when it is projected guilt it results in separation. What we don’t recognize is that every judgment confirms the validity of hate that spawned it. Love is the life force that forever moves and expands creation, but we are blind to that until do the forgiveness and open our sight to what exists beyond our perception. There is another way to see that literally does not exist for us until we have let forgiveness choose a different goal for our seeing. Linda phrased it nicely: “To awaken and experience God’s Love you must take the forgiveness trip, not just read the brochure.” Sign up. Take the trip. Join in the adventure of loving.

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I Am The Adventure Of Loving

I am not the character in a story of sin. I am the adventure of loving.

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The Adventure Of Loving

I am amazed at how much time I spend affirming what is not true about me, much of which has likely done the opposite and affirmed these untrue things to be real and true. I am not a body. I am not the character in my story. All of this is true and necessary to understand. But I also feel the need to positively remind myself of what is true. I remember now Brother saying, ”Where you are in the process of loving determines your ability to recognize the truth of yourself.” He tells us we are the very Presence of God’s Love; the “Light” of the world. I feel the phrase arise, “I am the adventure of loving.” It continues, “I am spirit. I am peace and light. I am life. I am the adventure of loving.” It feels good. If it also feels good and truthful to you, please join me. We are life and life is the adventure of loving.

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