A Simple Choice

My choice is always simple: I will accept my innocence and become the extension of our Father’s Will, or seem to wander, lost in the wasteland of my guilty dreams. It is His Will that I share What He Is, bringing His joyful Presence to all I see. I cannot do this while lost in the fear of guilt, the sickness of my self-imposed despair. For it is only I who have condemned my brother and myself, letting my imagining separate us from our happiness and peace. I will not allow him to be lost in dreams of hate, cut off from love, fearful and alone. I will today forgive him and the world our fear has made. I will accept his innocence, knowing it is mine as well. I will embrace him in this innocence, loving him as his Father does. I will remind us both, our only real function is to free the love within us to find the Son of God still hiding there.

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