Come Home

There is a moment set in time, yet not controlled by time, when what is real and true emerges from the cloud of dreams. It is a moment when all of consciousness sets aside whatever form of sin it thinks is real and allows the Light that is the Love of God to once again consume it. When this moment comes there will be no other thought in all of consciousness. Nothing will exist to deter or to distract us from this Truth: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.” The Mind that is one within its Self now sees Itself as It really Is. There will be no sense of differences or “levels” of awareness left to separate us. In this moment the unity of our holiness is clearly seen and all our dreams are forgiven and recognized for what they are. Regardless of the world’s appearances right now, this moment is upon us, awaiting only our acceptance. We call this moment the “second coming” to remind us we have been here before. We now remember it is our holiness that binds us all as one; and it is our willingness to love without exception that keeps our bond secure. Come Home. It is time.

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