Let Love Find You

Love is What God Is and so must be the most natural and abundant of all the feelings we have. It must be profusely everywhere, for all of Creation mirrors the Presence of It’s Creator, making all of Creation an experience of Loving. Only in the ego’s perception of sin and lack does it seem to be scarce and special. Yet, in the world we have made, love seems to be the rarest and most elusive of our feelings. But when we forget what love is, there is a “place” we can go be reminded. The thought of sin and separation are not there so sickness and attack are unknown. Fear is also unknown for the Love that is here does not know of darkness or of lack. This is a place both known and unknown to us as our mind dances between Truth and illusion, skipping randomly from ego to God Self. This “place” we can go is a thought of forgiveness. It is where we join with a brother, bridging the gap our belief in sin has imposed. And here in this place of our oneness, with all of our reasons for separateness now gone, we recognize the end of our seeking. For here in our joining Love has found us and we see we have never left home.

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