Moving by Fran McConkey

I am hoping that I might share this forgiveness story on the ‘Forgiveness movement’ website, maybe with some tweaking.
It is about the sale of my condo on Kauai and the subsequent clearing out of it.
I made the decision to put it on the market by asking within for the peaceful answer to continuing my ACIM relationship with my dear
friends in Princeville, Kauai while also owning a home on the other side of the island, Poipu, where I only spend part of each year.
Very clearly I saw freedom in letting go of the condo and so made the intention to sell it. Not so surprisingly it sold immediately
but as soon as that happened my ego mind, which has a contract out on me, started to come up with a million reasons as to why
I made the wrong decision. The conflicting barrage of thoughts was really confusing and depressing until I asked my God Self for help
and was lovingly answered by being able to experience again my original decision for peace. Moving out of it there was also a lot of stuff to
take care of but I continued to ask for help and follow the suggestions I heard in my mind. Now I’m filled with gratitude for the real miracle
that the opportunity of this experience has given me; a growing sense of relationship with my God Self, a Presence that I can trust,
a dearest Friend, as close to me as myself.

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