As I am studying the lesson for today (#58) I have a strange inner flash of recognition I can only describe as “oneness.” I ask Brother for clarification. I hear: “I do not exist without you, as you do not exist without Linda. Yet because God’s Thought of Himself is complete there is no part of His Thought that does not contain the whole Thought. The whole is the same as each part. This is why separation has no meaning. Nothing exists outside of what is whole. Nothing can be outside of what is complete. You can only imagine “breading up” what is whole, but there are infinite ways to express it. Love is the one feeling that frees the mind to comprehend this awareness. Therefore nothing in truth exists outside of Love. You are the Presence of Love, as am I. Nothing exists outside of this thought and everything within it is you, and me and Linda and John and Mary, and God.” As I think about this is I am reminded of Rumi’s “field” where we all meet to recognize we have never left our one Self.

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