Perception and Vision

The fundamental difference between perception and Vision is that perception is the attempt to separate yourself from what you see; making a world “out there” to shroud our thoughts in different forms and prove they have a different source. Vision is the recognition there is no “out there;” that everything you see must be a thought of yours. Perception is born of a need to reject the self it sees, putting it in a body frail and weak, destined to turn to dust and disappear. Vision sees a Light it recognizes and wants to be a part of; a self it wants to claim and share; to feel a love that joyfully returns with every giving. This is the only self that’s real and one even now present in our mind. But which self that we perceive or know depends on “Who” we let make the choice. If it is our ego that we trust, then fear will have its way and our thoughts will still seem to attack us with love kept hidden and weak. But if it is God we turn to the dream of fear will soon be gone. There is nothing more that needs to be done. The Truth is always with us, waiting only this choice to be made. The Light has always beckoned, but has been obscured by the thought of sin. You do not need to see the Light to choose it; you know that it is there. So choose your God Self over the ego. Open your mind and reach out to the Light that your peaceful and loving Self may find you.

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