Transform The World Into Heaven

Do I believe that sin is real because of what I see in the world? Or do I see it in the world because of my belief? Is the world the cause of my belief, or its effect? This is the central question we must answer if we are to find the truth of who we are. If the world I see is the cause of my belief, I must forever be it’s victim. Only if it is the effect is there hope that I can change it and find my real Self. Only then can I justify my trust in the Love of God; can I believe that His Will for me is perfect happiness. Now must I also ask, “Is there more than just my belief in fear that makes fear real?” And, can I know the reality of love while I judge my brother’s sinfulness? Or love one brother while hating another? Perception is consistent. It will either look for love or give way to fear. Do not confuse your brother’s behavior with who he is, or his mistakes will become your “sins.” But choose to see the Face of Christ everywhere and let the world be transformed into Heaven.

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