True Love

The true effect of Love remains unknown until you have extended Love to another. This must be true because it is Love’s purpose to connect, to express the oneness, the wholeness of all that lives. Nothing exists that does not share this life force we know as “Love.” Yet when we judge the one who doesn’t seem to give love, when we withhold our Love from them, we deny ourselves all of It’s effects and suffer instead the effects of feeling we are separate and alone. No one who feels the Love of God hesitates the briefest instant to gladly, joyously, embrace everyone within It, for we are not alone. We are loved and choose now to demonstrate that this is true. So when next there is a judgment thought, clearly see it as the choice to feel loved or to feel alone. Call upon the Presence of your God Self and let the judgment go. It never was a part of who you are. You have chosen instead not to be alone, and in that choice you have made it possible for love to find you

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