Two Ways To See Comment

By William Betts
You wrote today on your Forgiveness Network site about only two ways of seeing. This is something that I have been grappling with recently. I understand the ACIM concept of only seeing one “world”, but how to do this?
You hit it exactly the way it has been unfolding for me. It’s based on my intention – what I “want” to see: A world of peace and safety, or a world that needs much fixing.
The challenge for me has been to differentiate between “avoidance behavior” – of denying how I usually see as a human, and how I “see” when I am feeling loving towards myself. It seems to be a subtle distinction. I must constantly remind myself to evaluate what my judgments are to what I witness, teaching myself to lay those judgments aside and ask for a loving interpretation instead.
Of course, at my current level of spiritual awareness, I have no idea what that loving interpretation would be, but I can just trust that there is one and it will bring peace and unity to my mind and to the mind of whoever I am focusing on at that time.
This is demonstrated most readily in my relationship with a special person. Until recently, I still was looking/wanting for this one to change – to appreciate me more, etc. The inner guidance has been gently reminding me that I am only “seeing” our relationship according to my internal evaluation – and that is the only thing that needs changing. Of course, this change is TOTALLY within my preview so I need not wait for something to happen in the future.
One other point…this has realization has assuaged my strong desire to “preach” to others about metaphysical concepts. I am realizing that this desire is only a reflection of my own evaluation that there is something that needs “fixing” within me. The true method of helping others is to align my self evaluation/perception with the truth of myself and this mindset will radiate throughout the One Mind naturally to any who wish the same. How simple – yet it takes a constant watch of each opinion/thought/judgment/desire, etc. for a while. Thankfully, we cannot fail.

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