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Robert Holden

Robert Holden

Our appreciation to Robert Holden, PhD, for his role in making the DVD on forgiveness possible, for creating The Forgiveness Network on Facebook to support our shared intention to encourage the practice of forgiveness, and most of all, for the years of his loving friendship and awareness.

Robert is the founder of The Happiness Project in the U.K. and the author of books now printed by Hay House in the U.S. such as “Be Happy”, “Success Intelligence” and many others. His web site,, shares many of the programs he is currently offering both in the U.K. and the U.S.

Robert is also a coach and consultant to organizations worldwide, as well as a student of A Course in Miracles.


"All Is Forgiven" soundtrack used with gracious permission from Ashana. This lovely CD and more are available at

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“A Dialogue on Forgiveness” (DVD)

A Dialogue on ForgivenessIn this beautiful dialogue, Tom Carpenter and Robert Holden, friends for many years, engage in an illuminating discussion on the range of the profound and healing effects of forgiveness.

The many loving responses below beautifully describe the effect of this discussion for viewers.

Praise for this DVD:

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“The Miracle of Real Forgiveness - Freeing Us to Love" by Tom Carpenter

Miracle of Real ForgivenessThe Miracle of Real Forgiveness is, in many ways, the culmination of the understanding, awareness and guidance that Tom Carpenter has experienced over the last thirty years. He has clearly seen how forgiveness is the only way to truly change both our personal grievances and our world’s many problems; they are all interrelated and they all begin with the personal choices we make each day.

This book describes the many levels of forgiveness and the unexpected miracles that it brings when we are willing to extend it to others even on a very simple basis. Forgiveness is a universal practice anyone can use, regardless of beliefs, culture or language.

There is a different world that can be experienced for those willing to forgive their grievances. It is a world where the “peace that passes understanding” is discovered and cherished. And every choice to forgive becomes easier and its effects more evident to everyone.

"Think for a moment what it would be like to go about your day with your mind filled only with happy and loving thoughts. Everyone you meet has a smile and a glow of happiness about them. There is no sickness, no hunger, no conflict or lack, no striving, no blame, no expectations, no time and no death. Peace has replaced fear everywhere in the world. There is no word to describe hate, for all the reasons not to love are gone. This is our mind without the thought of sin. This is our world when there is no guilt to judge." - The Miracle of Real Forgiveness

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Dialogue on Awakening

Dialogue on AwakeningIn communion with us through Tom Carpenter, a great teacher once known as Jesus answers questions about the nature of our physical life, but describes our true reality as Spirit. A greater understanding of this reality is the key to experiencing a personal expansion of peace, love and joy in our life today. In this book, we more clearly see there is a choice between what we ourselves have made and experience as this often painful world, or of awakening to the remember to the remembrance of our innate eternal Spirit. In these dialogues, Jesus, now communicating as the fully awakened Christ Mind, shares how he awakened to this Reality and clarifies many of his own experiences when he too experienced this world. Many readers feel the information contained in this book has helped to change their lives. First published in 1992. Over the years, many people have told us how this book changed their lives, their understanding of A Course in Miracles, and the meaning of Jesus’ teachings.

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A Course in Miracles

A Course in MiraclesThe profound and contemporary Christ-dictated teaching of the reality within us all, despite our present focus on our illusions of differences. The purpose of the metaphysical thought system contained in this extraordinary book is to discover and experience that Love through the practice of forgiveness as the means to inner peace. Now translated into twenty-three languages, it is widely available on the Internet or from its publisher, The Foundation for Inner Peace.

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