A Call For Love

When I have difficulty remembering that all of our stories about the world are “unreal,” serve no lasting purpose because they do not reflect the truth of our creation, I find it helpful to remind myself that even within the story I can find the holy Son of God and forgive and love him. But to do this I must learn to separate him from his behavior; recognize he is not the character in his story. If we judged everyone by our perception of their behavior, the world would be hopelessly lost to any recognition of love within the unreality of our misperception. Only by recognizing “bad” behavior as a “call for love” can we finally bridge the seeming gap between what is real and what is only the dream of a sinful self and love each other in spite of what sometimes seems a story of impossibly unloving behavior. What better way to affirm and accept that “there is no sin?” Rather than try to find love by dragging it thru the “knot-hole” of our perception we must open to God’s Plan for our happiness and let His Love find us, even within the limits of our ego story.