A Mental Experience

You are not a body. The world is not a physical place. It is a mental experience. We find in it whatever conforms to, and supports the mental image we have of our self. If you think that sin is real, you will find a world that attacks and kills you. If you think there is something wrong with you, you will be sick and have hardships. If you see yourself as a loving person you will find a world that supports and loves you. There is nothing in the world we do not put there. Our will is the same Will from which Creation arises. Whether it extends the truth of our innocent Oneness, or the illusion of sin and separation, it controls our awareness, confining it to that which we have chosen to believe is “true.” Fortunately, choosing to believe in illusions does not change the Truth. A separate will held apart from the Whole Will affects only the experience of the separated self that has appeared.
If we would change the world we see, we must first change the self-image of the one who sees it. If you want to change your experience you must change the cause of it. But first and foremost, we must decide if we deserve and want to be loved and happy. And that is a choice we must make for the whole of our Self. You cannot choose to be loved while others are unlovable. The world is a mirror for how you see yourself. When you have the faith in your brother that you have in God you have allowed trust to take the place of fear in your mind and so your world is now a safer place. Forgive him his beliefs that cannot affect his Truth and you have removed a mental block to Oneness in the Mind that joins us all. Yet, while sin still seems real, forgiveness is our acknowledgement we are willing to love and to be loved. But forgiveness, like the love it seeks, is indivisible. If you would be free it must embrace everyone appearing in your mind.
There already is another world to replace the one that is home to sin. It is a forgiven world that Love has made. It is a state of mind that is free of guilt and all its consequences. But to be “there,” we must share the Vision from which it comes. First, it is required that we want this change, this world of love to replace what we have made in order that we recognize it is our will that shapes this world, as it is our Will, joined with God’s, that makes Love whole, with nothing to oppose It. Now loving is as appealing, as “delicious” as our ego’s desire to judge. Now can the image of our self be changed. From this place of loving we can find a self and see a world whose only purpose is to love.