A New Year Resolution

Happy New Year Everyone!!
I have asked our Brother to give us a message to begin the year. This is what he has said and I want to share it with you. Love and blessings, Tom
A New Years Resolution
This is the time when you review your life and decide if you will make different choices for your future. Pause for a moment and reflect on whether this process has ever fulfilled the expectations you have had for it. I ask you to consider there is but a single choice you must make if you would bring happiness and peace to your life experience. Indeed, just this one choice can you make if peace and happiness is what you truly want.
Resolve to be the Voice for God. All other choices expect too little and so must leave you unfulfilled. Resolve that it will be His Eyes you use to see, His Heart to decide the worth of everything. His ears will determine what you hear; His Voice will speak the words that all will know to be the truth.
Resolve that by your presence everyone will know that they are loved. Let no one escape the healing joy of your forgiveness! Let nothing of his story distract you from your goal. It is time now for sin and guilt, lack and suffering and every other denial of your wholeness to be put aside. There is no reason for you not to love! I ask this of you because to ask less would be meaningless to the Holy Child of God.
Resolve that your strength of trust will be the bridge across which all may walk to find a loving world. As you accept your role and allow God’s Plan to effortlessly unfold through you, you have become the world’s witness that love through forgiveness answers every need.
If, as you consider these things that I suggest you are tempted to doubt your resolve, then in that moment use my strength of trust in you. Let me be the bridge to your place of trust, as I ask you to do for others. Accept my assurance as though it were your own, for such is the bond we share. There is no point where I begin and where you end. Only in the ego’s world can distinction be made between us.
Do not dwell on how difficult this may seem or how long you can hold to your resolve. Join me but for a moment and let that be enough. Then join me for another moment when you can, and another after that. See each one complete unto itself and you will have no fear of loss.
Resolve to be the Voice for God for that is what you are. Decide that you can give the world all that this implies for only in the giving of it will you recognize that it is yours. Only as you are witness that everyone is loved can you accept God’s promise of what you are.
Join with me now that together we are the vision that answers and heals the world’s need for separateness. Join with me that together all consciousness may now find and share the peace and strength that is in our Oneness and remember at last what it means to Love.