A World Bathed In Holiness

Can you see everyone in the world living in total abundance, in perfect peace, perfect health, and endless joy and loving? You can see this, not because they are attributes to be achieved from the world, but because they mirror a world filled with brothers and sisters who are known to be innocent and blessed by your love. We are lost now in a world of deserving and not deserving to be loved, not recognizing this means there is a lack, a loss of permanent and stabile love for everyone. Do not be fooled that you can have a better dream than another. The outcome of every dream is the same. Oneness is a fact. Joining is not an option. Separateness exists only in the desires of our dream. The Love you long for belongs to everyone and will seem to be missing in you until you can give as you want to receive. Open your heart. Be willing to see God in All He created. Now you can see a world devoted simply to loving and bathed only in holiness, both yours and His.