Article by Sara Nell Hayden

I recently received an email from Sara Nell about a message she has received from Brother. I want to share it with you.
Jesus. Why am I not satisfied, happy, and at peace with myself?
Sara. Is it because you do not accept that you are perfect, and in the perfect place? The mechanisms of illusion do not lead to your knowing who you are and where you are. That is why forgiveness of illusions is so important for bringing you to awareness of your true Self and your true condition.
Be steadfast in your practice of forgiveness — of the world, of the ego, of all that does not speak of God. Forgive your lack of peace; it is merely one of the limits that ego believes in most falsely. Peace is everywhere, as God is, and you need only turn to Him to experience its abundance.
Turning to God is as simple as turning inward to your Self. What seems to be outside, surrounding you are illusions, but the God Self is within. Spirit is calling to you from that holy place, which is always accessible to you who forgive, as the Kingdom manifests Itself for your salvation.