At Home

We resist thinking of ourselves as formless “spirit” because of all the functions the body performs that we believe are an influence on our experience. In Lesson 92, but throughout ACIM, Jesus reminds us that the body, including the brain, plays no role in causing any experience. It is merely responding to our mind’s belief. He tells us, “The body’s brain does not think, Its eyes do not see, and of itself it feels neither pain or joy.” It performs almost none of the functions we assume that it does. Accepting that this is true now, in the physical world, will help us see that the body is only significant to our experience of separateness. Understanding this we can then focus more clearly on forgiving the one thing that will truly set us free: Sin is not real: separateness is not possible. Nothing exists that is apart from Love. Period. What was hell becomes Heaven when we drop the story of sin. Our “journey without distance” is now over. We already are at Home.