Awakening to the Truth is choosing to listen to the God Self teach you the difference between what is real and what is not; to hear Him say it is God’s Will that you are part of Him. We can gather thoughts about ourselves that seem to make us different and unique, but behind all this is the one desire we all share: To Love all things that live and are a part of Him, and so must be a part of us as well. This one desire to love is our guarantee that Heaven must finally be the outcome of every dream of pain and fear. No one but shares the desire to love and to be loved. But in this world it is too easily hidden by our belief in the thought of sin, the thought that does not exist outside our dream. It is hard to imagine that all that stands between Heaven and hell is a thought that isn’t even true. Forgive yourself for clinging to what does not exist in Truth. Allow the Face of Christ to take the place of every kind of “terrorist” you now see. Hear the Voice For God say that you are part of Love Itself. Be willing to give your brother the thing that you want most and let yourself awaken to the Gift that you have always had.