During a conversation I had with a friend about Jesus life, he asked if I was aware, or had been told, if or when he had reached the moment of awakening to the truth about himself. As he was asking the question I began to see the setting of the crucifixion. There were four crosses; one was empty. Many people were gathered at the site. Some were close, most were at a distance as if unsure about being seen there. It was an overcast but very still day.
As I “watched” I was aware that he was floating in and out of physical consciousness, but his mind was fully at peace. It felt as if he wasn’t really “there.” I also was aware that I was anticipating that what I was going to “see” was a kind of flash of light and he would disappear. What I saw was his body become light which quickly filled my vision. It was the world that had disappeared.
The symbolism was perfectly clear. What was real was unchanged. When he had awakened to the truth the thought of sin and a world of separateness that was not real had left his mind and the experience of it simply ceased to be. It was a vivid illustration of what he teaches.