Bookmark this moment

If you walked into an auditorium hosting two events, one on self-improvement the other on self-acceptance, which would you attend? Clearly recognizing this will help you recognize the purpose of your learning. For most of us it has been self-improvement, which actually only reinforces our story that there is something wrong with us and consequently turns our “learning” against the truth. Our stories are not true. None of them. Turn your story “off” for just a moment. Risk opening your mind to an experience of undefended, unplanned awareness. Your God Self will happily help you do this. It is, after all, a far more natural thing for you to do. It may not happen with the first effort, but there will be a moment when a feeling of pure bliss will arise and you will know a perfect peace. “Bookmark” this moment. It is your knowing that you have never changed what God created wholly loving and wholly loved.