Catching up on recent posts

The ego loves to look on the “dark” side. It is, therefore, meaningless to look at the blocks to the awareness of loves presence until you are committed to forgiving yourself and letting them go.
You will not know how committed you are to being separate until you recognize your commitment to the symbols of separateness you have adopted. If you were asked if you were willing to join with God, or one you dearly love, you likely would quickly answer, “yes!” Yet if you were asked if you were ready to let go of being a body in a world, you would find great reluctance to do so. Yet, you cannot truly join with what symbolizes your need to be separate; you cannot love what can die because there is no end to love. In your willingness to forgive yourself and let go the need to be separate, you are free to change the body’s purpose. It can now become the means to communicate eternal love.
Free will within the ego’s perception is drastically over – rated. Since the ego will not choose for love it is limited only to those choices its perception will accommodate, namely those that promote sin and separation. You must begin to wonder if it has any value at all. In fact, when I think of the choices I have made that have brought me peace, and all those that have brought something else, I think I will confine my free will to choosing to accept God’s Will for me. Even if it means I will be loving all the time.
You will never be happy if you wait for something to make you happy. Happiness is a choice made to love; perhaps something you allow to bring you pleasure, perhaps to be in the presence of someone you allow to love you. But it is the choice you make to let love in that creates the experience of happiness and gives it all the meaning it will have for you. Knowing you are the controller of your happiness, wouldn’t you rather have your God Self in charge of your thinking?
It is good to be reminded the goal of forgiveness is to find there has never been anything to forgive. Our “journey without distance,” will end where it began, secure in the awareness we have never changed how God created us. This is difficult to see as the ego has focused only on validating its perception there is something wrong with us. Healing what is broken is a never ending thing. Asking to be shown our perfectly created Self heals because it is the Vision of Christ. The Love of God is in us now, waiting only our acceptance to be set free.