Changing Our Mind

It occurs to me that I have been trying to “change my mind” for about thirty years; to let go of my “story” of sin and separation and accept the truth about us. I can’t help but wonder, why does changing your mind seem so difficult, take so much time? After grousing about it for a couple of hours, I ask and he answers: “Because you still think there is something real to change your mind about.” For thirty years I’ve been studying, daily, “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists – you take a journey without distance from a place you never left.” When he says this it feels like something I’m hearing for the first time. Where have I been? I still believe we are asked to let go of something real that happened, more than a story, a dream without cause or meaning; what the Course teaches on every page. Nothing happened! As I sit with this I realize that for thirty years I have know exactly what it says and what it means, but to accept it literally means letting go of everything I now perceive to be true. Everything. WB #44, sums it up perfectly. (Paraphrasing) Reaching to the light (Truth and God) within is a very natural thing to do and is our release from hell. But perceived through the ego’s eyes it is a loss of identity and descent into hell. Little wonder we resist the truth. Its not that changing our mind is so hard, it is accepting God’s Creation instead of our story that we struggle with.