Changing The World

If you look at the world and see all the pain and suffering, the hatred and attack that seems to be there and come to the conclusion that forgiveness of the whole world is too much a stretch for you, remind yourself that everything you see “out there” is a mirror for how you see yourself. Changing the world is not about changing the world, it is about changing what you see there. The world is literally a state of mind, with its events and experiences being the effect, the instant “replay” in form of the thoughts in consciousness that are their cause. And should you wonder, there is no real distinction to be made between upset with a neighbor’s noise and a war that rages over religious disagreement. With their outcome being the demand that fear is more important than love, all forms of attack are the same. So change the world by forgiving what you once have judged. Bring a loving thought to our consciousness that peace may be seen in the world.