Choose Life As Love Defines It

God created us to be the Presence of His perfect Love. To guarantee that Love would eternally be extended as witness to our Oneness, He then made us co-creators of It along with Him. When we condemn even the smallest part of our Self we have blocked our awareness of the flow and embrace of His love and isolated all those whom It has joined. In Truth, nothing has happened. We have not changed God’s Intention to share His Love equally and everywhere. We have merely made an experience, a world, that seems devoid of the Love that He has given us. We have redefined His Love to suit the purposes of sin and guilt which we have made to take It’s place. Do not mistake the power that the choice for sin has made, or the hell that it perpetuates. Nor should we doubt the power forgiveness has to open our mind to Christ’s Vision waiting for us there. Join your intention to the Vision held in trust for us since dreaming first began. Choose life as Love defines it. Open your heart and witness God’s Love embracing everyone you see, beginning with you.