Christmas Message

christmas message from our Brother –
“I encourage you this Christmas day to accept the birth of Christ as your awakening to the memory of God’s Love that now lies hidden within you. See the birth of Christ as your willingness to allow the innocence and joy of love to replace the pain and sorrow the world now sees. But look not to what you might imagine I have done to end the cause of suffering. Claim instead your rightful place as God’s most holy Son. Open your holy eyes and see the brother God has given you, not the one the world’s judgment has placed upon his body. Let the Vision of Christ be born again in you today. Let it replace what sin and guilt has made and your sane mind will overturn the need for time to change the world. Admit you are the savior of the world. You have made it and you will set it free as you forgive your brother and release yourself from your imagined debt to sin. Today bring forth the Light God placed in you to see and share the truth. Join with your brother in this peaceful, shinning place where there is no body to deceive you. Now darkness and despair can disappear from all the world, for you have freed the mind that made them.”