Falling Into Love

When speaking of his crucifixion, Brother has said that while he did not consider the specific effects of his choice, he was aware of his need to completely let go of his perception and surrender to the awareness held for him by the Holy Spirit. He knew that he must trust what his perception could not understand or reconcile. This is an awareness we all must come to. Our learning will not of itself transcend our misperceptions. Its purpose is to bring us to the moment we can feel safe enough to trust a reality that is not reconcilable with anything our perception can relate to. To find an inner instinct and trust it enough to surrender ourselves to our God created Self. It cannot be a “holy” version of what is acceptable to our ego. It will not be anything the ego can now imagine for there is nothing in its perception joyful or loving enough to perceive what it could be. See your brother sinless, he tells us. See him as you see God. Recognize this is where your learning is taking you, to that moment still dimly remembered when there was no distinction made between God and God’s Creation; when there was nothing to interfere with or distort the experience of peace and joy. Expect your learning to bring you here, then expect to let it all go and fall into the lap of pure loving.