Fearful Thoughts

Fearful thoughts are those we imagine we can think apart from God; those that come from the feeling we are alone and very vulnerable. They come up when we forget it is the Mind of Love we “live” in, where all Creation lives and you cannot be alone. But for now we have forgotten His Will and ours are joined; forgotten we are forever as He created us to be a part of Him. Only when I forgetfully abandon Him and imagine I could be apart from you and all that He created one with me, do I seem to suffer the effects of a hell that arises from my perception that there is something wrong with me, with us. Only in my thought we are alone does it seem possible that love has gone. For Love is the thought that created us like Itself and one with Him Who is It’s Source, and part of everything It Is. Fearful thoughts and thoughts of Love cannot exist together. They have opposing goals. When they seem to control our mind it is because we have abandoned God and one another. So when fear next seems to come, turn inside to our God Self and know it cannot follow. For here you have entered into Love’s World where you are known and cherished and held with joy.