For Ken Wapnick

I offer this in gratitude for Ken Wapnick, an invaluable contributor to the very existence of A Course In Miracles. Thank you brother.
When I feel a loss and look outward at the world expecting to find there what will console me, make me feel whole, nothing changes; the sense of loss persists. Then I hear my inner Voice call to me and I turn within. I by-pass all the ego strongholds where bodies and the stories they tell seem real. I reach another “world” untouched by sadness and time. Here there is nothing missing, nothing I need to gain. And everyone is here; both those that seemed to have moved on and those still pretending to tell an “earthly” story. Here there is only peace and joy and love beyond measure. I will rest here for a while. I may return then to my other world, but I now know that it is not my home.