Forgive and Love The Self You Now See

Thinking about the need to forgive and love the self we now see that Brother has been very pointedly suggesting and wondering specifically what to do:
“You are feeling confused about “how to” make this transition to accepting the truth that you are a perfectly innocent and loving Being-right now. You are confused about what to “do” because you are unconsciously depending on your ego perception to tell you what to do. It not only does not know, but is actively engaged in preventing this from happening. If there were a productive way to teach your ego to accept your innocence it would not have been necessary for God to have given us the Holy Spirit to hold His Vision of that truth. I have entitled your study material, “A Course In Miracles,” to remind you that Its Source is miraculous, beyond the knowing or explanation, of your perception. When you are again in your “right” or real Mind, “miraculous” thinking will be “normal” for in acceptance of your oneness with your brother, that part of yourself you have denied, your mind will know its wholeness and no longer seem in conflict with itself.
“Within this peace you will find no opposition to your desire to love. Accepting him as part of you your thoughts and the Thoughts of God again are joined and the need to perceive a world opposing you is gone. Now will you understand that your love is the motivation for all miracles; that it is what awakens the memory of a state of Being filled with endless joy and infinite peace that now is lost in a maze of differences woven into a world that has become your “truth.” But if you will pause a moment and simply love the self you have condemned, that spark of love, unleashed from its past judgments, will be the miracle that wipes away every dream you thought was real, but which, in truth, has never been.
“You will have difficulty accepting the existence of miracles while wanting to believe in the reality of your world. The two are diametrically opposed as concerns their purpose and their goals. Miracles, in your perception, call for the surrender of your control and ask for trust in what you now most fear. As I have previously said, you are at the crossroads of deciding what you will accept as real. Clearly seeing that it is the evidence of miracles you want more than the effects of your fearful perception will be a major influence in making this choice. Forgive me now as I have forgiven you. Join me in the place of innocence our Father’s Love holds for us. We were “born” to love all that He Loves and this begins with loving whatever Self we now see, wherever we perceive it to be. Together we will make certain the reality of our Oneness by accepting His Love on behalf of each other and for every brother who cannot yet see himself as part of Him.”