Forgive And Love The Self You See Right Now

Forgive and love the self you now see. Do not be deceived by pursuing a perfect self-image the ego thinks is lovable. There is no such thing as a “perfect self image.” The need for it is driven by the ego, but by its own standards the ego’s goals cannot be met. They are always self-defeating. A loving self will always be “just around the corner” from what the ego will accept. Forgive and love the self you now see because the Self you now are is already perfect, merely waiting to be seen. Only because you now see it thru the misperception of guilt and unworthiness does it seem flawed. Forgive the self you now see and all the imagined stories of how unlovable you have been in the past will disappear. Nor will there be seem to be things to judge yourself for in the present or future. The ego thinks it is meaningless to accept the self you now see because its perception of that self is sinful. It is determined to see a self that it has changed to something hateful. Forgiving and loving the self you now see will remove the blocks in your awareness to Loves Presence. To the ego this makes no sense, but it is the willingness our God Self needs to open our mind to the truth that we have never changed our Self from what God created us to be. Nothing has ever happened to take us from this place. If God is infinite Love, can He be other than the Love I am right now? We can only begin to accept this “forever” truth as we forgive and love the Self we see, right here, right now.