Forgive Your Character

I ask, why is it so hard to accept being happy? To let go of the fearful images of the world, to be a peaceful, loving being all the time? I hear Brother say, “You are trying to bring these attributes to the character in your story, and he is not capable of maintaining them. That is not the purpose of your story. Forgive this character to see that he is not real, not you. Let the dreamer of your dream awaken and you will find the happy and the loving Self you long for.” As I sit with this, I recall the many times I have tried to punish or reward this character; to correct his perception, do anything that would make him real. And wonder why he just never seemed to “get it.” “Forgive this character” for what he did not do. Let him go. He is not you. There is no loss, no sacrifice, just the chance to awaken my loving, dreaming, Self. Forgive this character. Is there something I could do that would bring me what I want more?