Forgiveness Difficulties?

When forgiveness becomes difficult, particularly when you have asked for help and don’t seem to get it, it is likely for one of two reasons: You are either trying to forgive what is unforgivable, ie, something in the world that you have decided is “real” and must have consequences, or you are trying to forgive the wrong thing. We forget that when asking for help with forgiveness the first thing we must ask is “what” it is we have to forgive. ACIM tells us, “You are never upset for the reason you think.” There is always a series of effects from the initial cause of our misperception and until we have forgiven that cause these other effects will continue to plague us. And until we have forgiven the “reality” of our story and the world it has made, what happens there is literally unforgivqble in terms of having an effect on us. Learning to become dependent on the God Self awareness directly determines our willingness to awaken to our inner truth, which is that we are that Presence. Remind yourself that this is the very Presence of the Love you have been longing for. And you come closer to claiming It each time you turn to It and depend on It for determining your life experience. Make “asking” something you look forward to!