Forgiveness Works

Forgiveness works
By Amanda R.
Recently I woke up one morning with any sense of the feelings of hopelessness gone. I followed this thought in my mind and recognised I knew that everything I encountered in my daily life was an opportunity to come to the true self. I knew that forgiveness works. So how could anything be hopeless? It is just not possible, if everything points to the true self. Over the next few days I checked in with myself, almost looking for any thoughts of hopelessness, I couldn’t find any. The answer was always there. It is not that challenges, opportunities do not appear, they do throughout the day. The shift is that these come and go and the answer our true self does not come and go. I have recognised that anything that comes and goes is not real. What is true is the permanence of Self. I have such gratitude for Tom’s constant patience and constant impatience in holding to Truth throughout hundreds of my telephone conversations about perceived blocks and hindrances to recognising my true self and his continual love and assistance as I commit deeper to offering my life to love. A little tiny, tiny willingness has shifted to 100% willingness. I have been deeply in love with self doubt; I now recognise this was my drug if you like to my addiction of lack of worth, my call for love. I recognise the call was always answered. In fact I don’t know if the answer comes before the question or the question and the answer come at the same time. I don’t know. I do know forgiveness works, full stop.