From Understanding To Belief

If everyone now dedicated to finding their truth was willing to see one brother who is not so dedicated, as part of them, literally connected to their “soul,” the idea of separateness would soon fall apart. There would be nothing left in our awareness to give rise to conflict or the many forms of differences that now seem to divide us. With conflict gone, attack would have no meaning and guilt would also pass away. There is no sickness now, no hurricanes or hunger. There is no such thing as death. A fantasy, you say? It isn’t possible that everyone would want to see another as part of them. But what if this oneness idea is really true and separateness is not a real option? What if there is just one Mind, one consciousness we all share? What if your decision to love someone “unlovable” would then motivate someone else to do the same? Are you willing to risk it? To forgive someone of everything you think is wrong with you? If you are, try it. Open your mind to a love within you that doesn’t know where to stop. Lets turn our understanding of oneness into our belief by forgiving our guilty self and seeing our world joined as God created it to be.