God's Love

Everyone, everywhere is looking for the same thing. The one we call a “terrorist,” the one who seems his victim, and the one our perception tells us has a loving heart, are all our brothers and the Son of God. Each of us, from different perspectives of our common belief that separateness is real, reach out to our own version of Who God Is to be reassured that we are loved. Whether we climb the corporate ladder, pursue a spiritual path or wage war on one another, at our core we are all the same, children of a common Father, desperate to know we can be loved.
We now feel lost, not knowing what we want or how to get it. We have habitually made our brother responsible for what we seem to lack. But our attack on him only drives us further from our goal. We do not see it is only his love for us and our love for him that will satisfy our feeling there is something missing in us. But the Love we seek cannot be found in some of our brothers while it is still denied in others, for this Love, this DNA of our Being, is absolutely indivisible. This Love is what we really want, but while we judge and confuse our brother with his story we will not recognize that the Love we want is what we have withheld from him.
You will not be sure that you are loved while there is someone you cannot love. Your need to love goes unfulfilled if there is somewhere it cannot go. Trust the power of forgiveness to your God Self. Consciously invite all those you have ever feared or judged into your presence. Ask to see the Christ or Buddha where these brothers had seemed to be. Then feel God’s Peace and Joy fulfill you as you feel the Love you share with Him bring everyone together.