God's Perfect World

When you become discouraged at the impossible scope of the world’s choice for pain and sorrow, remember this: They all will vanish the moment we choose to put our faith in loving and let our fears recede. There is another world that God has made. It exists in the same “place” this one does. It is a world where only Love is present, but we can’t see it because now we are blinded looking for something else. ACIM does not tell us to help our brother change. It asks simply that we see him differently. The bible says, “seek and you will find.” We don’t need to make a better world, or find a solution for climate change. We only need to see the one that comes with the acceptance of our brother’s holiness. Love’s world is good enough. Take a chance. Ignore, forgive, the hateful, fear-filled stories so many still seem to tell. If we are willing to see beneath them all, God’s Vision of His perfect world is all that we will see.