Guilt is to our belief like wearing colored glassed is to our sight—everything you see is colored by it. It is our thoughts that make the world and the purpose of them now supports all that we expect from guilt.
You can’t learn how to cope with guilt. There is no amount of sacrificing that will atone for it. Guilt is not something that can be overcome in any way. If it is part of your belief it will underlie all that motivates you. You will, in short, feel inclined to judge anyone for any reason at all.
The only way to deal with guilt is to realize that its cause, “sin,” is impossible because it is not the Will of God Whose creation must be like Himself. Then let it go because it no longer supports what you believe is true about you. Let it go by not making choices that judge what others do.
Teaching that sin is impossible is the primary function of the God Self, learned through the practice of forgiveness. Holding and maintaining this awareness in response to all that the ego’s perception demands is true, is our only real function in the world.
What we experience then through the practice of forgiveness is what it is like to feel the power of love when it is free of the influence of guilt. Bringing this awareness to our consciousness is what will then make our world a peaceful and loving experience.