Healing is recognizing and accepting what is now true. It is so very tempting, when my story shows me a struggling, suffering character, to ask what to do to fix what is wrong with him. When I witness the travails of the fleeing refugees or the heartbreak of those involved with a mass shooting, my thoughts want to go to what will solve their problems, how to punish those who could commit such heinous acts. How “natural” it is to immediately presume that what you see has occurred because of some “evil” person “out there.” We all would be victims if this was the guilty world we see; God and the Son He created are lost. But if the world is a state of mind and what I see is a projection of my misperceived belief that there is something wrong with me, then changing this world must begin with changing my thoughts about me, and you. If I want to see a sinless world I must see it thru my own sinlessness. If I want to offer others healing and recognition of what is true, I must first accept the truth of myself. If I want to be truly loving I must recognize I am wholly loved.