Healing Your Body

Healing your body is a process of learning how to love yourself. The body plays no role in who you are, yet while you believe it has some influence on you, loving the self it represents in the moment teaches you that, in truth, love will heal every thought it touches. It does not judge or make distinctions between what you are learning is real and what is but a dream. Love simply Loves. Let love teach
you that It is what you are. It is how you express your Self. And It will bring peace and joy to all that you allow it to embrace. You are not a body, but you are Love’s Presence and when you allow your body to be seen within Love’s Presence it will reflect Loves Purpose and will be healed of all the misperceptions you have placed upon it. No longer will it be separations symbol, but will become yet another way for you to express your Self. Forgive the unloving self you now see. Let Love replace the guilt that your perception would impose upon the self you see. It is not your body that needs to be healed, but your belief there is some part of you that can be held apart from Love.