Heaven On Earth

It is important to remember that this thing we call an “ego” is not another “presence” in our mind. It represents the seeming split in our perception, the “tiny, mad idea” that resists fully accepting our divine and holy Self. It has no substance beyond our doubt that we are as God created us. It has no power to affect our thinking, until we feel unloved. All of the ego’s power is derived from our mistaken belief that there is an alternative to Love. Forgive this belief in all the many forms in which it appears. Feel the relief, the freedom that comes with knowing there is absolutely nothing to judge or be judged for. This is the feeling that is Love. It is God’s Gift to us and so it is the greatest gift that we can give each other. Accept the joy of knowing this is what you are; what everyone is. Because we are as God created us, there is no opposite to Love; there is no ego, no pain and sorrow in “God’s World.” Accept this truth: There is no opposite to Love, and make Heaven on earth a reality.