Heed This Well

Still chewing on March 30 guidance, (4/23 post) trying to get full impact of what Brother meant, he said today:
“Heed this well and do not underestimate the power of its simplicity. When I ask you to “forgive and love the self you now see,” it is not for you to worry that this may be a flawed or worldly ego self. I am asking you to forgive the only one you have ever condemned and commit to loving the only one you imagine that you hate. You cannot now see the strength or value of this commitment as it relates to the ease with which the God Self can then share His Vision with you.
When you forgive and love whatever self you see, your love will show you only what is real about that self. You are now as God created you in perfect Love. And being What It Is, Love recognizes Itself and sees only what is part of It – with nothing asked or needed from your perception.
Forgive and love the self you now see and trust your God Self to do the rest. You cannot fail now to find your Self, for here, in this field of loving, is the world reconciled with Heaven and you recognize you are already Home.”