Hiding From God

There are many ways we hide from God and from His Love. We try to lose ourselves, for example, on a planet inhabited by billions of people, in a universe we have made so vast our intellect cannot grasp it. Those on our planet seem consumed by beliefs so different that being joined with them, loving them all as one, defies credibility. But in truth, the billions on the planet within the countless universes, all are part of a single thought – separation. The “big bang” was only the symbol of the beginning of the dream of separation when a unified creation splintered into infinite and different meanings and forms. There are also many ways to reclaim and make That Love whole again. Ask to see and feel the harmony of the universe before it seemed to explode. Without questioning or needing any “rational reasoning,” love the feeling that will come to you. As you continue to sit with it, watch the vastness of this universe conform itself to fit your love. It then becomes apparent where that universe exists and what has made it. You will see you don’t really need to hide from God or that His Love could ever leave you.