How Can I Heal My World?

– How can I heal my world?
– Forgive the one who made it.
– How do I do that?
– Stop denying that you are the holy Son of God Who has never sinned. Forgive your brother for what your perception accuses you both of. You cannot see the Kingdom of God while you deny It is within you and insist on looking for it elsewhere. Your perception now sees nothing that is real because it fears it is cut off from its Source and is nothing. Allow the Light of Who you are to illuminate your Truth by giving up the one thought of darkness that hides it: You are not sinful. You have never sinned. You have only lived in a dream of fearful thinking. In your belief that you are “nothing,” you cannot comprehend the power of your mind / belief to make a world then dissociate yourself as it maker. You cannot accept that “all the others” you think you see are part of you and so must be joined in your story.
– How do I accept the power of my mind?
– Be willing to see your brother as I see him, without his story of hell. The power of your mind to make you believe the world you see is real rests on the fear that you are separate from the Source of all power – God. Loving your brother, that part of yourself you have condemned, will open your heart-mind to the reality of what Love is and you will know the impossibility of your dream of sin.
– How do you know I / we can do this?
– Because I have seen your sinlessness and you are part of What I Am. It is finished. Only your acceptance of the out come remains.