I Know You!

I’m remembering an experience from many years ago: I’m in a grocery store purchasing buns for a beach picnic. Coming up the aisle is a young mother “pulling” her young son, 2 – 3 years old, grumbling and crying, having a really bad day. The situation has a somewhat comical feel to it and I take the time to bring him into a happy, peaceful place in my mind. As they approach he sees me looking at him and, pulling his hand from his mother’s, stops, points a finger at me and says, “I know you!” It was one of those confirming moments you instantly know you will never forget. So much said in just three words by such a small child. Its still a good reminder when I see or think of someone in pain or fear; bring them to the Presence of our God Self, see past the pain and fear and remember, “I know you!”