A Vision

We are turning a corner in our consciousness. More of us are realizing that the ways of hate and fear are not necessary; that there is another way, a more loving answer to our seeming problems, whether personal or world-wide.

As we learn to accept that our ego consciousness is a shared experience, we have a better understanding of how every thought of forgiveness must have an effect somewhere. As each of us begins to practice forgiveness with one another, a network spreads in different forms, but always with a unified purpose offering a way to come together and completely change the experience of the world we now see. The movement of forgiveness gains momentum every day, frequently in ways and places you would least expect it.

When it is the intention of two or more to be consciously linked through the practice of forgiveness, a forgiveness network has already begun that extends throughout the world’s consciousness, denying the “reality” of guilt’s illusions and changing the world that is based upon those beliefs.

Why A Forgiveness Movement?

The purpose of our web site is to suggest we have a choice for the kind of world we live in.  Since time began, we have been perpetuating a hoax upon ourselves, living a life of uncertainty, at times of indescribable pain, of fear and an endless search for peace and love when, in truth, everything we need to live in happiness is within us right now. There is an alternative to hate and conflict; to deprivation and suffering.  The Forgiveness Movement will support our common intention to demonstrate there is a peaceful way to deal with our differences as well as heal what seems to be a wounded and failing environment. The world our eyes see deceives us, reporting only what our mind believes.  In truth we are bound together as integral parts of a single mind/spirit.  We are born of a single Cause and share a unified consciousness—something we cannot change regardless of our belief.  What we were created to be cannot be lost.  Though mostly buried, there remains in our mind the awareness of what is true about us.  Yet while separateness is still our dominant belief, we are actually now in the process of letting it go.  Thought by thought, slowly, guided by an inner awareness and in ways we are mostly unconscious of, we are opening our mind to a different truth.  Our goal is to consciously pursue this movement. Each of us came to this world looking for something because we have long believed there was something missing in us.  That we are all part of one harmonious Creation has been lost to our awareness.  What we think we look for is something that will enrich our lives in the world; make us smarter, richer and have better relationships.  That, at least, is how it seems to a belief that looks “outside” itself for what it seems to lack.  But nothing really will satisfy our longing until we realize it is a part of our Self we have disowned that leaves us now with the sense that something is missing.  It is the part we have taught ourselves to call brother, or friend, or enemy—or God. Reconnecting with this part of us will not be easy for we have made an entire universe dedicated to making everything look different and do “unacceptable” things that we might practice our well-honed art of Self deception.  Moment to moment, in subtle and not so subtle ways, we reaffirm our desire—our need—to be separate. The Movement of Forgiveness is an opportunity to discover a truth about ourselves now hidden by a perception and a world dedicated to the principles of fear.  But until we have a fuller understanding of what real forgiveness is, the freedom it offers can be misperceived as a way to avoid dealing with pain and suffering, instead of being the means to heal it.  Join us and together we will change the world.

Experience of a Different World

The world is not what it now seems to be. There is a loveliness in everyone that now is mostly hidden behind a mask of fear. There is an innocent and loving heart buried beneath a shroud of guilt. There is a harmony of loving that connects us all, just the other side of what seems to make us hate. And all that separates the loving from the hate is a belief that isn’t true.

Guilt has taught us to hate ourselves, and then our brother. We have become afraid to love and put our faith instead in fear. Our world will be whatever we choose to make of it. We can continue ancient grievances, or decide that it is time to walk a different path.

Forgiveness is the opportunity to remake our world.

"Think what it would be like to go about your day with your mind filled only with happy and loving thoughts. Everyone you meet has a smile and a glow of happiness about him or her. There is no sickness, no hunger, no conflict or lack, no time and no death. Peace has replaced fear everywhere. This is our world when forgiveness has come and we are free to love again."

—The Miracle of Real Forgiveness by Tom Carpenter