Instantly Love Everyone You See

Feel for a moment what it would be like to instantly love everyone you see, or even think of. Imagine every moment filled with happiness, without fear for moments past or to come. There is no sickness or conflict in the world you see, nothing missing in your life or left undone. These are your moments when the thought of sin no longer controls the meaning of your thoughts or the direction they take. And who does have charge of your thoughts? Is it this thing called “ego” that seems to independently appear with ideas you would rather disown? Truth is, deep down we know it still feels better to learn of our holiness than simply to accept it. There still seems a distance between Love and What It has made; between what really is true and what we are just trying to accept. Our Teacher has said we can learn to accept what is true by doing it and feeling the love we receive in return. When we actually see our brother’s sinlessness and feel the love that frees us both from our imagined guilt, we know the lie that sin has bound us to. And by withdrawing our conviction of him we have freed ourselves as well. Seeing holiness now where sin had seemed to be is how we practice “seeing differently.” That is how we accept what is true by doing it.