Invest A Minute In Loving

I have a request to make of the Forgiveness Network. I would like to have each of us pick a moment in our day, a period of one minute that we are willing to set aside specifically for the purpose of loving God’s Creation – all of it, without exception. Open to the Presence of your God Self. Feel God’s Love that is held for you there. Let It take you everywhere It lives. Feel yourself join and become a part of all this Love touches. Here we remember that our one purpose is to express the reality of God’s Love, our function to extend it. It is not important that we all are doing this at the same time, but it is important that we feel our mutual intent. Invite others to join us. Do it every day you can remember. The minute we give to loving will be multiplied many times for every place it is felt it will be given out again. That is the nature of loving. In this one moment the ego is gone for God’s Love has absorbed us and made our “Minds” one. Lets come together now and invest a minute in loving. Our dividends will change the world.