Joining in Sharing

“Except you share it, nothing can exist.” (ACIM C28.V.1.10) “Sharing” something means to accept it as the truth. The impact of this teaching and how it applies to our “awakening” process, is enormous! It tells us that while there still seems to be a choice between truth and illusion, every illusion we share becomes a world of hate and conflict, of pain and suffering and death. Reflect a moment on how many illusions you share throughout your day. How “natural” it is to feel “sorry” for someone who is in pain. To pray for a miracle to lift their suffering feels like a caring thing to do when in truth, we are sharing their illusion that they are a frail and temporary body doomed to suffer and to die. Here we are also lost in the illusion we share, making sickness and guilt real for everyone. How many ways do we have of sharing illusions and making them real? When a small child sees a “monster” in the darkness, we calm their terror by assuring them there is nothing really there. We turn on the light and hold them and love them until they feel the safety of our knowing. God has given us the Vision of our safety in the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Here is the alternative to sharing dreams of fear. Forgive the one who dreams of sin and death. Do not confuse him with what he dreams. Share with him, and so make real, God’s Vision of Who you are that you both may feel the peace and love that is your Truth.