When I judge anyone for anything at all it is my assertion that what they do controls my experience and thus empowers them to withhold the Peace of God from me. It may appear I have been first attacked without reason, that my judgment is in reaction to that attack. But it is only my thoughts that make my world what it seems to be. Had I not first judged myself sinful there would have been no thoughts of sin to project on my “attackers” and then return to me as an attack. I see the world thru the lens of my self-perception the nature of which is to react to my beliefs, my judgment that sin is real. But I have another Source from which to make my choices, one that knows our sinlessness. I can choose to see us both in the Love God has for us; the Love that replaces our perception when I have no desire to judge. I can reclaim the Peace of God simply by accepting what is true.