Love Is Indivisible

To actually love anyone, you must love everyone because the nature of Love is indivisible. The ego has many substitutes for love, attempts to compensate for its belief in sin and separation. But none of them will fulfill you for each holds out the possibility your “sin” might be real. It is a principle of Love that where It is there is nothing to oppose It. There is nowhere It begins and nowhere It is not present. It is the feeling that expresses Life and infinitely extends creation, insuring it cannot be changed or lost.
To love is a need we all share for we are born of Love and It defines the nature of our Being. Loving is our function when we are “awake” to what is true. When we have denied our function, we literally have become afraid of Life as God created It and live in dreams, imagining we are separate from our Source of Love. And while Love seems missing, all of Its “alternatives” appear to justify our belief that It is gone. But there is no “place,” no thought anywhere in all of Mind where there is Life that Love is missing. It only goes unrecognized when seeing just Its parts, for Love is whole and undivided.
If you would feel loved, truly loved, you must accept that It is What you are. It must possess you and so embrace all that you see. It is the joy that comes from This that satisfies our need to love and live God’s Life.